Backup and Disaster Recovery


Wondering how businesses have their critical data available even after a disaster or hacker attack? The answer lies in Backup and Disaster Recovery, a process where data is moved from the primary data center and backed up to an onsite location and/or a secure offsite server. This is done through the use of replication software on the host to replicate data to a secondary site while still protecting data stored onsite as well.

Backup and Disaster Recovery gives you a powerful data protection solution that ensures critical data will be safe, sound and available no matter what comes your way. Even if a disaster should strike, you’ll be able to retrieve data within minutes and not days so you can continue to deliver products or services to clients on time.

Disasters can result from:

  • Malware
  • Power outage
  • Hackers, compromise of critical systems
  • Cable, infrastructure failure
  • Natural disasters (e.g. tornado, flood)
  • Human error

Joker IT Consulting has you covered

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning – customized for your business needs
  • Data backup and recovery – to “bullet proof” your mission-critical data files
  • Fast recovery for files and email – get back to business quickly
  • Virtualization of failed servers – reduces downtime from days to hours
  • Remote offsite storage – ensures data security and compliance
  • Built-in archiving – more cost-effective and reliable than tape
  • 24/7 monitoring and management – ensures data integrity


Continuous & Complete Backup

Mac or PC, Laptop or Desktop. No caps, no throttling, no pricing tiers.

Unlimited Data Backup

Automatic backup via native client. All user data (including desktop files) backed up by default.

Free Hard Drive Restore

We’ll send you a hard drive with your data anywhere in the world. Send it back for a full refund.

Protection from Ransomware

30 day rollback for every computer ensures your company is protected from ransomware.

Centralized Administration

Easy to use web interface where you can administer all your computers.

Military Grade Security

AES, SSL and the ability to add your own encryption keys.